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Catchpenny Kids (5-13 yrs)

Children younger than 5 yrs can only gain enrollment through an invitation, or an audition. Contact us at for more details.

Triple-Threat adjective- a person adept in three different fields of activity. an actor adept at singing, dancing, and acting.

Catchpenny’s four-week programs are designed with our unique ‘triple threat’ process. Upon auditioning, our directors will place each camper in a role that suits their talents, but also builds upon areas of inexperience. During every camp, campers will get intensive training in acting, singing, and dancing; no experience is required. Is your child a triple threat? By the end of our camp they will be.
(Note: “Jr.” shows are the actual Broadway shows licensed only to kids below the age of 18.)

Session One:

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A unique and classic adaptation of this amazing musical!

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Session Two:

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The classic story by Frank L. Baum with all of our favorite characters and moments!

All brought to you by your very own Catchpenny Kids!

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