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The Creative Mentors

Josh Putnam
Artistic Director / Audition Coach

Josh Putnam comes from a long line of diverse roots. For many years, he has extensively studied all areas of theatre, which led him to a teaching career. Although he comes from an actor’s background, Josh has found love within all realms of theatre arts including: Directing, Technical Arts, and Writing. His fresh, inviting, and passionate philosophy of acting incorporates strong fundamental skills with insightful nuances. Backed with a BFA in training, Josh maximizes learning for all of his students by introducing them to theatre’s great teachers like: Uta Hagen, Constantin Stanislavsky, Sandy Meisner, and Lee Strasberg. Additionally, Josh teaches movement and speech skills that are akin to Rudolf Laban, Mary Overlie, Anne Bogart, Tina Landau and Kristin Linklater. Consider his curriculum a condensed and simplified Bachelors of Fine Arts for your children that balances fun with techniques. Josh Putnam’s program allows your child freedom of expression, self-discipline, and a safe, positive environment for growth. Every student within the program will earn a letter of recommendation, and an actor’s evaluation from inception to graduation. But most importantly, they will leave with self-confidence and acting ability far beyond their years.


Will Helling
Webmaster / Playwright

Will is Catchpenny Theatre’s resident playwright and webmaster. Come summer he will be teaching a once-a-week intensive playwrighting course to the students enrolled in Catchpenny Kids’ Theatre program. His previous history in writing for the stage includes: Life’s Love, a five act throwback to early renaissance theatre written in blank verse iambic pentameter, In Dust and Ashes, another Shakespearean-esque blank verse play exploring the resilience of the human soul, The Play, The Plagiarist, a british farcical comedy that likes to make fun of itself more than anything, Untitled Scene, a highly-acclaimed one act written for the University of Northern Colorado, and he is currently finishing Ill, Lucid Art, a philosophical show examining the purpose and function of art. He has graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in English, Liberal Arts and a minor in Theatre Arts.



Teresa Castillo
Musical Director

Teresa Castillo, is delighted to be working with catch penny theatre this summer for the first time! She received her bachelors in music performance at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, and is currently working on her Masters at the Lamont School of Music. She has performed many roles at school and outside in community theatre and is a member of the Central City Ensemble. She will be attending the Emerald City Opera young artist program in August.


Lili Quintana

Lili started dancing at age 3 at Denny’s School of Dance in Mason City Iowa. She found her love of tap in the quaint basement of this rural dance studio. She was also introduced to ballet, and jazz, but thought tap was way cooler than anything else. She started private lessons immediately and followed her passion when her and her family uprooted to the colorful state of Colorado. Center stage followed by Dance Movement is where she developed and furthered her dance training. Her first tap solo (singing and dancing) was to “I Can Do That” from the hit Broadway Musical “A Chorus Line” using homemade wooden stairs as her prop. Singing and dancing became a ritual at her home, the grocery store and everywhere in between. Her all time favorite was “If I only had a Brain” in a Scarecrow costume from the ever so popular “Wizard of Oz.”