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We Change Lives!

Josh with his student, Kinzie“Josh rocks! Josh is a great director. He is fun and makes us work hard. I love Catchpenny!!”

-Katie Hamilton, 10, Student

“Our daughter Paige had the opportunity to work with Josh Putnam last summer in two 4-week camps producing two separate musicals. Paige had a wonderful experience with Josh and his teammates. She grew in her abilities to act, dance and sing. We were happily surprised at her love for the theatre, and we feel that that was very much cultivated by Josh. My husband and I would not hesitate to place her in a program that would involve Josh directing and we very much hope to have that opportunity this coming summer.

-Claudia and Peter Hellman, Parents

“Josh Putnam is an awesome talent. It is incredible to watch him interact with his students and teach his talent to them from the heart. My 13-year daughter has gained a tremendous amount of insight about herself and her acting ability from Josh. I would highly recommend Josh and his acting program–both are fabulous!!!”

-Marcy Romer, Parent

Josh is the best director a person could ever have. He makes theatre fun to learn and do. Everything Josh and his staff does is just amazing. There’s only one way to say it, “CATCHPENNY ROCKS!!!”

-Elizabeth Comerford, 13, Student