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What Makes us Different?

Integrated Age Group– As most school systems tend to group their students based upon age, we practice a Youth Age Integration Technique. This technique simply places students from 5 years to 13 years within the same group. We have found that age integration helps both the young and older students learn and grow tremendously. Younger students tend to be bolder and less self-conscious while on stage, yet older students tend to retain many of the abstract philosophies better than the younger students. When these age groups are combined, outrageous progress is the result. Consider this integration a mentoring experience for all ages.

Imaginative Theatrics

What is IT?
Our philosophy for Children’s theatre is Imaginative Theatrics, or IT. Imaginative Theatrics is an excellent way for kids to acquire composure and confidence in their everyday lives. And besides, it’s fun!

What are some benefits?
Some psychological benefits of the program include improved social skills, boosted self-esteem, heightened sensory awareness and expanded imagination. Our program is designed to build self-esteem and self-confidence in kids in a fundamental environment where everyone participates in all aspects of the production.

What kinds of skill sets can my child anticipate learning?
Some specific skills taught are: “cold reading” of scripts, voice projection, stage directions, movement, audition techniques, pantomime, improvisation, and Laban efforts.