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Web Forms


  1. You must have Adobe Reader installed. Click Here for the most recent version.
  2. You must unzip the PDF to open it. An unzipping program should be built into your computer.
  3. If you are unable to open the file, Click Here to download 7-Zip, a zip utility that can open this file.
  4. Fill the form starting on the line labeled “Name”
  5. You can type into each field, and move to the next field by pressing the’tab’ button on your computer
  6. The form will auto-fill some information as you go.
  7. While some fields are optional, most are mandatory.
  8. You will need to digitally sign this document.
  9. If you use Windows on your PC, Click Here for digital signature instructions.
  10. If you use Mac, Linux, or anything else on your PC, Click Here for digital signature instructions.
  11. When the form is complete, Press the “Submit/Save/Print” button at the bottom of the PDF.
  12. The button will automatically submit, print and save the form again.
  13. Save your filled PDF again so that you have a second copy.
  14. Unless you use Outlook, choose your internet email service to send the PDF form.
  15. Allow Adobe Acrobat permission to open your email to send the form.
  16. Make sure you click ‘allow, yes, and/or okay’ on any boxes that ask for permission.
  17. Upload your PDF to the webpage that opens! Or visit this link HERE to do the same.


If you are having any issues please print the form and fill it out by hand.


4-Week Form

4-Week Forms

Download the newest version of Adobe Reader.

Download 7-Zip.