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Our Workshops are currently CLOSED for the season.

Please check back often for updates!

Catchpenny Kids’ Workshops are one time events that we hold from the fall through the spring.

Based on cutting edge education research, our Workshops, and camps provide leadership and confidence building along with intensive skill development.

Join us as we embark on, a creative journey.  We conduct workshops in half-day, or full-day options, so there is always an option that will work with your schedule!!

Get a little more from your acting experience for a remarkable, unforgettable, and life-enhancing experience!

Catchpenny has produced phenomenal Children’s Theatre Camps for the past twelve years. We create a safe, inspirational, and joyful space to learn, grow, and perform!

Our Mission:

Catchpenny’s Mission: Our mission is to strengthen Denver’s theatre community by reaching the youth through professional programming.

Cathpenny’s Goal: Our goal is to create a safe, fun environment where our students can build confidence, face healthy challenges, and explore their creativity while enjoying their achievements along the way.

Improv Impossible! Workshops
A variety of exciting improvisational games are just a workshop away! Improv Impossible is a half-day class set up to give students a jumpstart within the spontaneous world of improvisation!! Through improvisational games, and other exercises, students will explore techniques mastered by Second City Improv in Chicago, as well as games from Whose Line is it Anyway. Students will work on the basic principles of improv, long-form, short-form, and the oh so famous ‘yes, and’ technique. Instructors will assist in the creation of skits, and comedic writing techniques utilizing the concept of ‘get vs. expect,’ and throughout the workshop kids will have an opportunity to engage in competitive games that nurture Catchpenny’s concept of healthy competition. Everyone will leave the workshop with a clearer sense of improv, a more thorough sense of the team-oriented nature of improvisation, and some prizes as a bonus!Don’t miss this Workshop! Contact us for more information and upcoming dates!


Workshop times: 9am
Dates: TBA
Location: 4905 E. Yale Avenue, DENVER
Price: $50

Audition Intensive Workshops

This fun and exciting class will focus on skills that all actors should know for the process of auditioning. Instructors will work with pupils on how to create an auditioning portfolio. This portfolio includes guidance with Headshots, Resume, two One-Minute monologues, How to dress during auditions, the importance of Slating, and a tips and tricks session. Actors will have a chance to showcase what they learned in a monologue/performance at the end of the workshop. This class is ideal for actors of all levels and will help to give every student a more confident outlook on any upcoming auditions.

Many actors utilize these workshops as supplemental instruction for Denver School of the Arts auditions, yet this workshop is designed to give every kid an edge when it comes to the big audition!!

Don’t miss this Workshop! Contact us for more information and upcoming dates!


Camp times: 9am
Dates: TBA
Location: 4905 E. Yale Avenue, DENVER
Price: $50